Day 10; Diggin’ for Scones

Today Jordan forgot how to sing. So the band took turns striking him in the head with random objects in the hopes of some sort of recollection… Ok that didn’t really happen. The day started out in Bard’s Coffee shop as the band contemplated what to do about our cancelled show in New York City. Luckily, I was able to connect with my friend who now lives in Philadelphia named Travis. Travis gave us a lead for a possible show at Connie’s Ric Rac in Philadelphia, so we sent out an e-mail and sure enough we landed a show! Jordan then worked on sending our live recordings to our man BZ down in Missoula for mixing. In the meantime, Mike and I broke off to explore the city while Katie did her thing. Throughout our walk, Mike and I had a romantic outing on the ferris wheel. We also stumbled into a new music bar that opened up in town that day called Portland House of Music (the ribbon was just cut 45 min before we entered). So I ordered a beer and introduced myself to the owner, Ken, who happened to be the coolest club owner in town. Ken even offered us a gig that day depending on weather looked like. The band assembled as we waited for final word but the weather was not on our side; however, this was not in vain. The club owner offered us a spot to play on Sunday when there is going to be a huge 50,000 person festival in town. Needless to say, we were stoked. Afterwards we all went down to a local restaurant for some authentic Portland lobster dinner. I think my lobster was still breathing when I got it… The Wailers had a show out by the harbor by where we ate, which we were able to hear from outside. By the end of the night Mike and I went back to our hotel for some R&R while Katie and Jordan hung out downtown. Jordan gave us a call to let us know that the bar he was at was blasting the Letter B album on Spotify. 

Day 9; Birdie, Bogie, Par

Today was a day of relaxation. As we drove into town to get food we decided to split into groups. And by groups I mean that we all went Folfing and the two cripples (Katie and Garrett) stayed in town. For those who don’t know, Garrett sprained his ankle skateboarding… Anywho, the Folf course was an old golf course that was turned into a Frisbee golf course. Full of magical trees, beautiful ponds, and luscious grass; it was beautiful. Later that night Mike and I went and got some bomb Ramen downtown and randomly met some crack heads, Hi-Line film boys Ben and Garrett went out for food and drinks, and Katie and Jordan went to see Nakho and Medicine for the People. Katie ended up partying with the band after the show. What a boss. 

Day 7; Thank you Cleveland!

Once again the team had a wonderful and restoring sleep at Aunt Sharon’s. After a quick lunch we loaded up and drove an hour and a half to Cleveland, OH. to play a show at the Barking Spider Tavern. The venue there was on a college campus and was extremely beautiful. The show itself went well; the best part was that Katie stole Jordan’s catch phrase “Thank you Cleveland” about 3 songs in. Poor Jordan had only waited about 10 years for the opportunity to say that (he even bought a Cleveland necklace for the occasion). After the show we realized that Aunt Sharon had locked her keys in her car. Luckily, we had an experienced team of thieves (consisting of Jordan and some random dude) that helped us break back into her car using a wedge and a metal coat hanger. Later we packed up, I took the wheel, and we headed to our next destination, Portland, Maine.