Day 8; Portland, Maine

Day 8 began with everyone slowly opening their eyes to the sunrise as Ian (that’s me!) drove the van through New York. I had only one Red Bull but it was enough to power through the night! The wheel was passed off to Jordan at about 6:00am as soon as my body realized that it wanted to collapse from exhaustion. Next thing I know I opened my eyes to the van parked at some diner; we were in Portland, Maine. I continued to sleep in the car as everyone went inside to eat and then went outside to nap in the grass. Jordan got a nice sunburn on his stomach. Later we dropped Hi-Line Films off at their buddy’s house and then made way to our hotel. That night we had a gig at the Flask Lounge. The show went well! 

Day 6; Chillin with Aunt Sharon

Day six was the shiznit. We woke up nice and rested at my Aunt Sharon’s house in Port Clinton, Ohio with a beautiful view of Lake Erie. This was a nice rest stop before our gig in Cleveland, Ohio. During the day we stopped at the lovely Cheese Haven where they have over 125 different kind of cheese, to pick up some cheese and wine. We later went back to the house to conduct some interviews with Hi-Line Films, have a bbq, and then practice our music. By the end of the night we headed downtown to grab a drink. I didn’t even have to use my AK. (Today was a good day).

Day 5; Don’t Do Deals With Dirty Heels

After a good night of sleep the team decided to split into groups. Ben and Ron went back the Chocolate Factory to get some film of a reggae band while Mike, Katie, Jordan, Garrett and I took a train into the heart of downtown Chicago. While downtown, we got some authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza at Pizanos and took our time to explore the city. Afterwards we rendezvoused at the apartment with Ben and Ron and packed up to go to our next destination. Ron stayed in Chicago where he has family and the rest of the crew enjoyed a 5 hour drive to Ohio.

Day 4; Gold Web

Today we went to downtown for Chicago Street Fest. While there, we got to check out Ron’s friend’s band, Gold Web. If you have not heard them, go check them out! They were amazing musicians and had very interesting costumes to say the least… If I had three words to describe their costumes I would say Egyptian Space Chickens… Later that night we headed downtown for our gig at the Drum and Monkey. Set up was stressful due to our small space and time constraint, but we managed to pull it off and play a good set. The crowd seemed receptive. Hi-line films definitely had a good time, so good that Ron took a nap in some bushes outside. MVP Ron!


Day 3; 1,600 out of 10,000

Today’s morning was a rough wake up due to the lack of sleep but at least the location of our campsite was quite beautiful. Luckily, our friends from Hi-Line films brought some dumbbells and a makeshift jump rope to get the blood flowing. #Gettingswollbra Did I mention they also brought about 10 skateboards? We’ve managed to skate at about every gas station we have stopped at along the way. Skate or die! Anyways, after about 7 hours we finally made it to Chicago. Throughout the last 2 and a half days we covered 1,600 miles out of our 10,000 mile tour. Upon arriving to Chicago we went over to Ron’s (from Hi-Line films) cousin’s apartment. Conveniently, Ron did not have the keys so he had to hop a barbed wire fence surrounding the building to get inside. Later that night we headed over to Ron’s friends place, which he rented for band rehearsal. This place happened to be the original Nestle Chocolate Factory. The building was extremely old and worn down. The inside resembled a frat house in the ghetto. There were tons of old pee smelling rooms where different people stayed and each room was hosting their own party. Our room happened to be a music party (go figure). After about 9 flights of stairs with all of our equipment we managed to have band rehearsal and test the Presonus mixer (which happens to work btw J). We capped off the night at some gyro shop down town. Boy, were the people there classy “Dam bitch, you gotta fat ass!” Bedtime at 4:30am; another late night…

Day 2; Only 16.5 More Hours Till Chicago….


Just left our campsite.



5 min. in the van have passed. Rations are low, tensions are high, people are debating on who to eat first. My vote goes to Ben. #Survival



Ok fine. I guess we can eat at Albertsons.



After countless hours of driving we’ve almost made it all the way through North Dakota. Time to stop for food.



Most food places are now closed. Will have to resort to Gina’s Pizza.



Welp… There’s some wonderful drunken karaoke singers here and Sex Toy Bingo. At least the food is ok… #Gina’s



Starting to hallucinate from lack of sleep; however, we managed to make it all the way through North Dakota and Minnesota. #HelloWisconsin



Pulled over to a campsite to sleep for the night. Jordan found a wallet-sized spider in his tent. Time for bed. 

Day 1; Bouncing Bridges and Hail Storms

First stop of the trip was Butte, Montana for our (second) album release party.  We hit the road with our friends from high-line films in our van, locked and loaded with a trailer on the back. From the album sales to the door-less bathrooms, Butte was everything we could’ve hoped for and some. Even our lovely Katie managed to rock the stage after being hit by a truck on her bike 3 days before! After the show, we packed the van and made our way to Chicago; needless to say we did not make it very far. The massive thunderstorm with grape to golf ball size hail did not help with this. We ended our night sleeping at a random campsite just off the freeway right out side of Hardin, MT. Ian slept on an anthill. Yay Café’ Campsite!