Day 27; Hi-Ho Lounge

Today Jordan got a tattoo. Katie explored the French Quarter and got a double espresso with double bourbon and fresh beignets #shesfrench. Later that night we had a gig at the Hi-Ho Lounge. In honor of Mike’s poor situation, we all played our show in our pajamas #jammininourjammies. Before our set, there was a picking circle that jammed. The main guy running the group had some serious ego issues. He about blew a gasket when some kid tried to sit in with a tambourine and was playing out of time. We started shortly after the picking circle ended. First song, Jordan broke another string. Clearly he had something wrong with his guitar. I let him play mine, which was painful to watch because he sweats profusely when he plays. I even hit the effects on for my guitar for him while I was playing bass. Good ol’ Garrett re-strang the guitar twice for Jordan while we were playing and the new strings broke right away. After our show the band went home to relax and get some food. Hi-line went out to the casino. I cleaned my poor guitar :( and Garrett generously gave a homeless man $200 #gowest