Day 46; Homeward Bound

Finally! We’re going home! The crew is exhausted from 7 weeks on the road and my blogs have gotten much much lazier. Through good and bad we’ve all managed to bond as a family and learn a lot about each other. Ol’ Blue is still rockin’ and we’re currently about 3 hours away from home. What a trip.


Update: What would be a good road trip without a blown U-haul tire two-and-a-half hours away from home? Boom! So now the crew was stuck on the side of the road for about two hours till U-haul came. After U-haul loaded up our trailer to get the tire fixed they said, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that we got your trailer loaded up. The bad news is that we have to impound it.” Idk, sounds like all bad news if you ask me. Apparently, U-haul in Missoula told Ben that he could pay them when he got back in to town (he was late on his payment). As soon as our trailer number got called in, they were not ok with the late payment. But wait, it gets even better! We couldn’t get our U-haul back till the next day because U-Haul was closed that night anddd all of our camping stuff was in the U-haul. So, the crew was stranded in Coeur d’Alene for the night with no place to stay and no camping equipment. The rest of the night the crew had the classic “Fu*k it” mentality. We made the best of our situation and had a good time that night. We jumped in the lake, went to the bars, and Dave Chapelled everything we could. We even managed to play a couple songs at one of the bars because the band there let us sit in. At the end of the night half of us slept in the van and the other half out on the docks or in a random persons boat (cough cough* Garrettses).