Day 1; Bouncing Bridges and Hail Storms

First stop of the trip was Butte, Montana for our (second) album release party.  We hit the road with our friends from high-line films in our van, locked and loaded with a trailer on the back. From the album sales to the door-less bathrooms, Butte was everything we could’ve hoped for and some. Even our lovely Katie managed to rock the stage after being hit by a truck on her bike 3 days before! After the show, we packed the van and made our way to Chicago; needless to say we did not make it very far. The massive thunderstorm with grape to golf ball size hail did not help with this. We ended our night sleeping at a random campsite just off the freeway right out side of Hardin, MT. Ian slept on an anthill. Yay Café’ Campsite!