Day 22; Charlie Bob’s

The band woke up nice and rested at our hotel room. During the day Ben, Mike, and myself cruised the music shops downtown. I got to play my favorite guitar, a Collings cutaway with German spruce top and rosewood back and sides; So magical. Mike bought a djembe stand. Later that evening we had a show at Charlie Bob’s Restaurant, which was booked by me as a last minute attempt to play in Nashville. We drove over to the venue not knowing what to expect. From beginning to end, the whole experience was, well, ridiculous… As we set up, people with guitars kept walking in with a very disapproving look on their face and then would walk out. Turned out, there was a group of players who come in every Wed. night to jam and we were apparently preventing them from doing this. We cluelessly managed to clear the room before we even started playing… By the time we began our set, there was only one person in the room. He was probably one of the fattest persons I’ve ever seen. After about two songs, he got up and slowly waddled out the door. At that point we were playing for no one except for the two lesbian bartenders working named Smash and Crash, who promptly shut the doors to the stage as soon as we began playing. Despite all the ridiculousness, we had a fun time jamming. Later that night Mike and I went downtown to check out the local music scene.