Day 12; Portland House of Music

The band was very fortunate to get rained out on day 10 because we had an amazing gig today. The day started as we packed up camp and rolled into downtown Portland, Maine where the festival was taking place. The team assembled at the patio of Portland House of Music where we set up to play. As I said before, we had a great show. We drew a huge crowd into the bar and even had a crowd outside of the bar where people were listening. Poor Mike was halfway into the street with his drum kit (we were playing outside). Despite the harassment from drunk hecklers, this turned out to be for the better because Mike’s awesome drumming drew people in who were outside passing by the venue. After the show Ken poured the film boys some homemade Jamaican Rum and cut the band a check. We headed back to our campsite from the night before to get some sleep and prepare for our drive the next day.