Day 11; Follow the Line, 2nd Parallel from the Big Dipper

When I woke up today I went about my normal morning routine of taking a shower, brushing my teeth and flossing. When I flossed my teeth I could taste the lobster and clams from the night before. I think I’m good on lobster and clams for the rest of the year… Anyways, after we got ready, the crew rolled into town to grab a bite and start busking. Mike, Jordan and, I found a nice area down town to play unplugged while Ben and Garrett filmed. Katie was taking what we like to call a “rock-star nap” so she was not there. When we got to our busking spot, there was a group of religious fanatics screaming through a megaphone and handing out pamphlets. But as the universe would have it, light triumphed over dark and the power of rock scared them away. By the end of our show we had a decent size crowd and managed to pull in a little money/promote for our show the next day. After busking we grabbed a bite to eat, met up with Katie, and headed out to find camping. We ended up camping at a beautiful spot on the Atlantic ocean. We had a nice open field of grass to ourselves; the stars were vibrant, and fireflies filled the sky.