Day 7; Thank you Cleveland!

Once again the team had a wonderful and restoring sleep at Aunt Sharon’s. After a quick lunch we loaded up and drove an hour and a half to Cleveland, OH. to play a show at the Barking Spider Tavern. The venue there was on a college campus and was extremely beautiful. The show itself went well; the best part was that Katie stole Jordan’s catch phrase “Thank you Cleveland” about 3 songs in. Poor Jordan had only waited about 10 years for the opportunity to say that (he even bought a Cleveland necklace for the occasion). After the show we realized that Aunt Sharon had locked her keys in her car. Luckily, we had an experienced team of thieves (consisting of Jordan and some random dude) that helped us break back into her car using a wedge and a metal coat hanger. Later we packed up, I took the wheel, and we headed to our next destination, Portland, Maine.