Day 47; Ok I’m For Real This Time

The next morning we all woke up haggard. We went over to U-haul, paid our fees, and got our tire fixed. Garrett was missing that morning and his phone was dead and he had 24 cents in his bank account. Luckily, we were able to find him at the bar we stayed at the night before where he where he found some nice strangers who bought him beer. We then swooped up Garrett and made our way back to Missoula. Feels good to be home. Till the next time!


Day 46; Homeward Bound

Finally! We’re going home! The crew is exhausted from 7 weeks on the road and my blogs have gotten much much lazier. Through good and bad we’ve all managed to bond as a family and learn a lot about each other. Ol’ Blue is still rockin’ and we’re currently about 3 hours away from home. What a trip.


Update: What would be a good road trip without a blown U-haul tire two-and-a-half hours away from home? Boom! So now the crew was stuck on the side of the road for about two hours till U-haul came. After U-haul loaded up our trailer to get the tire fixed they said, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that we got your trailer loaded up. The bad news is that we have to impound it.” Idk, sounds like all bad news if you ask me. Apparently, U-haul in Missoula told Ben that he could pay them when he got back in to town (he was late on his payment). As soon as our trailer number got called in, they were not ok with the late payment. But wait, it gets even better! We couldn’t get our U-haul back till the next day because U-Haul was closed that night anddd all of our camping stuff was in the U-haul. So, the crew was stranded in Coeur d’Alene for the night with no place to stay and no camping equipment. The rest of the night the crew had the classic “Fu*k it” mentality. We made the best of our situation and had a good time that night. We jumped in the lake, went to the bars, and Dave Chapelled everything we could. We even managed to play a couple songs at one of the bars because the band there let us sit in. At the end of the night half of us slept in the van and the other half out on the docks or in a random persons boat (cough cough* Garrettses). 

Day 44 – 45; We Don’t Answer Questions/I’m Dave Chapelle

We had an awesome time in Seattle thanks to Jordan and Katie’s Aunt Amy who took us in for our stay. Both days the band had shows. The first night was at a venue called the Central Saloon, and the next night was at a venue called Dante’s Inferno. The Central Saloon gig went well and we had a good crowd. Downtown was somewhat of a sh*tshow that night because of a One Direction Concert. The gig at Dante’s was not as successful simply because there were less people there. The bar itself was super Satanic and creepy. They had an old red bench there where infamous serial killer Ted Bundy would audition his victims… The last song we played all of our friends and family stormed the floor to dance. This made my day :)

Day 43; So That’s What This Place Looks Like

Waking up at Bennett’s was pretty insane to say the least. Not only was the view amazing, but what was even more crazy is that Bennett lives on a giant medical pot farm. There were about 3 greenhouses full of medical pot with others that grew outside. It was a fun field trip to experience. We ended up leaving Bennett’s very late at 4PM and drove all through the night through the next day to get to Seattle.

Day 42; Bennett’s Magic Farm

Today we took a 7 hour drive over to Bennett’s for a stop on our way to Seattle. Bennett happened to live up in the mountains outside of Santa Cruise, so finding the place was quite challenging. The roads were small, very steep, and hugged close to a steep cliff. By the time we got to Bennett’s it was very dark. We couldn’t quite see where we were going but we managed to find our way. We were greeted with an amazing home cooked dinner and lots of friendly dogs.

Day 36 – 41; California Dreamin’

California was an awesome time. The band embarked in a plethora for many fun journeys including visiting Hollywood and taking many trips to the ocean. Garrett and Ben split away from the band for most of the trip for filming and fun. Garrett got some surfing in. One of the days we drove up to Santa Barbra to stay at Jordan’s friends house. Jordan was able to record a song there because his friend has a studio. We also went to the ocean there which was smelly and oily from an oil spill. Jordan’s girl friend MaLisha, was able to join us in CA for the adventure as well. On Sunday night we had an awesome show at the Fox & Hounds where we played an acoustic set. Mike rocked the cajon!   

Day 35; Joshua Tree

Today we packed up and left super early in the morning to make our way to Joshua Tree. We got there around noon and had the whole day to hang out. Garrett’s friends EJ and Blake met up with us to camp. We had an awesome time that day exploring the desert landscape, which was a sea of massive boulders, cacti, snakes, Joshua Trees, and much more. That night, the stars were absolutely amazing.


Day 33; Garrett’s Doppelganger

Today we hung out till our show later that evening. Jordan went to Cracker Jax to play bumper cars with one of his nieces. That night we had an awesome show. Jordan announced to the crowd that Katie used to pee standing up when she was little. Katie pointed out that Jordan has the world’s stinkiest pants. Garrett met someone who said he knew his doppelganger and then threatened to murder Garrett #goodtimes. The closing band that evening was a group called Moonbase who were amazing! We exchanged CDs with them after their set.


Day 32; Beer Me Bro


Today was the 4th of July and the band and crew did not hesitate to celebrate despite the late night show that evening. We had a fun time swimming and causing shenanigans. Later that evening we were not in the best shape, and we had to get on stage to perform. At least we looked great in our 4th of July attire. Despite our sloppy performance, we were very well received; the bar owner even bought 2 CDs and offered to bring us back to headline.

Day 31; Sarah’s House

Today we woke up at Sarah’s house (that’s Jordan’s sister) and she made us the most badass breakfast. Jordan and Katie hung out with their sister and nieces and the rest of the crew relaxed and recovered from the long drive. I went on a run #didntgetlostagain. Later that evening we had rehearsal and Hi-line picked up some epic 4th of July shirts for the band. My shirt was a red, white, and blue bro tank with the text “Beer Me Bro.” 

Day 28; Dooky Chase’s

After some extensive research on fried chicken, Mike and I got some southern food at a restaurant called Dooky Chase’s. Don’t let the name fool you; it was the best southern food I’ve ever had. As Mike would say: amazeballs. When we got back to the house we had to make a quick decision. We had a gig to play that night and Jordan’s guitar was broken. I did some research online again to hopefully diagnose the problem. We ended up driving out to a Guitar Center to have their tech fix the bridge on Jordan’s guitar and we bought another guitar as a backup just in case. It was a cheap Yamaha guitar. Later that night we played a show for an empty bar at Café’ Istanbul. Nonetheless, we had a great time. Thankfully the repairs on Jordan’s guitar held up and it no longer broke strings. 

Day 27; Hi-Ho Lounge

Today Jordan got a tattoo. Katie explored the French Quarter and got a double espresso with double bourbon and fresh beignets #shesfrench. Later that night we had a gig at the Hi-Ho Lounge. In honor of Mike’s poor situation, we all played our show in our pajamas #jammininourjammies. Before our set, there was a picking circle that jammed. The main guy running the group had some serious ego issues. He about blew a gasket when some kid tried to sit in with a tambourine and was playing out of time. We started shortly after the picking circle ended. First song, Jordan broke another string. Clearly he had something wrong with his guitar. I let him play mine, which was painful to watch because he sweats profusely when he plays. I even hit the effects on for my guitar for him while I was playing bass. Good ol’ Garrett re-strang the guitar twice for Jordan while we were playing and the new strings broke right away. After our show the band went home to relax and get some food. Hi-line went out to the casino. I cleaned my poor guitar :( and Garrett generously gave a homeless man $200 #gowest

Day 26; Froggy Went a Courtin’ and He Did Ride Crambo

I went on another run today #didntgetlost. The crew hung out until Mike got back. Turned out he had a pretty rough flight. He missed his first flight so he didn’t get in till 7 when he was supposed to originally be back at 3. When he got back, the airlines had lost his luggage so he was stuck in New Orleans with nothing but the clothes he was wearing… which were pajamas. We busked downtown later that night to promote for our upcoming shows. Jordan broke a string on his guitar. 

Day 24; Bourbon St.

Today the band hung out at our house in New Orleans. Ben hooked up the place for us. Upon waking up, I decided it was time to get some exercise so I went out on a run. About an hour in, I decided to turn around and make my way home. The only problem was that I couldn’t find my way back… Yup, I got lost. What was supposed to be only an hour and a half jog, turned into a 3 hour run. After borrowing someone’s phone I was finally able to call my brother and have him look up Jordan’s number from the band website so I could call him and find my way back… Woops… Later that evening Katie, Ben, Garrett, and I explored downtown.


Day 23; Old Blue

Today we woke up, checked out of our hotel, and headed over to a local coffee shop where Ben and Garrett conducted some interviews. Afterwards we hit the road to head to New Orleans in the dirty south. Throughout the drive, the van started to get wobbly. Turned out, this was the tire because we blew a flat shortly afterwards. Stuck on the side of the highway, we needed to change tires to get back on the road. Unfortunately, we bent both of our jacks for the van when we tried to use them. We ended up having to flag someone down off the road to borrow theirs. I will say, it was fairly sketchy changing a tire on the side of the freeway. At least we made it to New Orleans.

Day 22; Charlie Bob’s

The band woke up nice and rested at our hotel room. During the day Ben, Mike, and myself cruised the music shops downtown. I got to play my favorite guitar, a Collings cutaway with German spruce top and rosewood back and sides; So magical. Mike bought a djembe stand. Later that evening we had a show at Charlie Bob’s Restaurant, which was booked by me as a last minute attempt to play in Nashville. We drove over to the venue not knowing what to expect. From beginning to end, the whole experience was, well, ridiculous… As we set up, people with guitars kept walking in with a very disapproving look on their face and then would walk out. Turned out, there was a group of players who come in every Wed. night to jam and we were apparently preventing them from doing this. We cluelessly managed to clear the room before we even started playing… By the time we began our set, there was only one person in the room. He was probably one of the fattest persons I’ve ever seen. After about two songs, he got up and slowly waddled out the door. At that point we were playing for no one except for the two lesbian bartenders working named Smash and Crash, who promptly shut the doors to the stage as soon as we began playing. Despite all the ridiculousness, we had a fun time jamming. Later that night Mike and I went downtown to check out the local music scene.